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story about president obama and of course, the leader of russia, russian president vladamir put tin. president obama has canceled the meeting they were going to have in mass cow partly because of the edward snowden asylum issue. let's show a report and then discuss. >> u.s. russian relations have been strained and the kremlins decision to give edward snowden temporary asylum fueled the flames. today the white house announced that president obama will not meet one-on-one with president vladamir put tin next month when in you russia for an international summit. the white house said that there wasn't enough progress on the agenda to offmeeting, but there's also this. russia's disappointing decision to grant edward snowden temporary asylum was a factor. >> there's an alleged law breaker in their country. we evaluate it, and we try to work with them. they didn't do that with us. >> those were president obama's first comments about snowden's asylum. he was also candid about his relationship with put tin. >> the truth is that when we have meetings, we can have some pretty blunt exchanges a
/11. >> all right. like right before 9/11. and you throw in the 9/11 one. i think obama is going the full bush here. the terror alerts, et cetera. he just gave up any presents of changing anything that bush did. now he has gone to the dirty trick that bush had in his arsenal. tommy i'm cure ois what you think go. >> ana first of all why do you hate drug cartels and why do you hate america? [ laughter ] >> no, over the weekend, glen greenwald tweeted some garbage about this, about how oh, isn't this come -- convenient. and he took it a little farther like the president made it all up. yes, some of this is bull crap. the stuff about the body bombs i'm pretty sure i wrote about that about a year and a half ago. that is stuff that the media grabs ahold of because it sells. and i think it also works on the psychology. it's this whole theme -- the narrative of terrorism has been the terrorist within. so i think that's the media hyping this up, because if it bleeds it leads. but i don't think they would have to listen to all of this crap from republicans if it wasn't absolutely necessary. and if you
in anyway, shape or form. when we come back, the obama administration heading in the right direction in the war on drug. maybe we should rethink some of our punishments. all right, do they mean it? it's a good thing. when we come back we'll explain. if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think there is any chance we'll ever hear the president even say the word "carbon tax"? >> with an opened mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned great leadership so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter) >> cutting throught the clutter of today's top stories. >> this is the savior of the republican party? i mean really? >> ... with a unique perspective. >> teddy rosevelt was a weak asmatic kid who never played sports until he was a grown up. >> (laughter) >> ... and lots of fancy buz words. >> family values, speding, liberty, economic freedom, hard-working moms, crushing debt, cute little
are going to take it out on obama. >> what are we doing? we claim there is a problem with a lack of sufficient oil and we're exporting more oil, feeding the speculators. >> the condition of the political dialogue in the country, especially in the republican party, as i was saying, drives all these candidates towards positions that some of them you just have to believe know that these positions are absurd. >> we're selling about 24 to 28 guns a day, normally six to eight. the hot seller is right here. cenk: you are a dangerous person, larry. you get people killed on a daily basis. >> you can call self defense vigilanteism if you wish. >> i became an american citizen because i didn't want to be a hypocrite criticizing this country. cenk: you really think you can smear the movement for what people outside -- really? >> i'm being too fair, because fair is playing by the same rules, fair. >> i was just inches away from death, you know, at that time, and i wouldn't wish that on anybody. cenk: so there's a lot i want to discuss there. first of all, we have a wall out by the front entran
for evacuating the embassy. >> why can't the democrats and obama administration decide on something and be very strong in their decision, just as soon as they get criticism, obviously not literally do this, but punch that person in the mouth and say no, we made the right decision. cenk: or literally. >> i wouldn't mind if it was literally. i want them to be strong, that that was ridiculous. that weird euphemism was laughable. cenk: they want us to thread the needle where we are on top of the threats and there are a lot of threats and that's why the n.s.a. secret spy program is very important. you throw in that, and community indicated with someone in the united states. we're not telling what you that angle is, but we're throwing that in there. so you go ok, wait a minute, now the thrust of this story is the top al-qaeda leader is communicating with the top leader in yemen. what does that have to do with the u.s.? not a dammed thing. the panic is set, because apparently in that communication, this is the quote "do something." all right. well then panic, i got you. so i'm with joe here when he me
.s.a. president obama was on the tonight show, talked to jay leno and talked about spying, really the journalist you want to talk about spying about. >> intelligence gathering is a critical component to counter terrorism. obviously with your mr. snowden and the disclosures of classified information, it's raised a lot of questions for people. a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had skepticism and i think we should have a healthy skepticism about what government's doing. i had the programs reviewed. we put in some additional safeguards to make sure there is federal oversight as well as congressional oversight that there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number, or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat, and, you know, that information is useful. cenk: there was a lot of double talk there. let's break it down. "the new york times" has a new article today saying all right, there's another portion of the n.s.a.'s spying program which you haven
to be a whistle plower,. >> cenk: the right and president obama. now thi. >> to collect all internet activity, everything they can collect, store it, and then allow their analysts, low-level analysts with access to terminals to search whatever it is they want and find out what your emails say, what internet sites you visited, and pretty much anything else you do on the internet. it's a an all purpose. >> cenk: i just want you to understand how that score works. all they need is your e-mail address. they can do it in a lot of different ways. but if they have rush limbaugh's e-mail address oh or angelina jolie's. they just put the e-mail address, it gives you the contact of the e-mails, web searches and you don't need a warrant. now the over 1 million people with contractors who have classified information, none of them are going to view that. the paparazzi are going to get to somebody and say i would love brad pitt's e-mails or mel gibson's e-mails and what website he has been on to. of course they're going to abuse it. even if it's not quote up quote the government. it's going to be people wh
, these democrats, sushi and arugala eating, volvo driving, new york times reading liberals. president obama back when he w e when he talked about arugula? you're going to talk about someone who talks about arug lurks ugarawhen you have a horsd rafalca? you're attacking him on arugula? it takes $77,000 to take care of rafalca? come on. that is unreal. >> that was a lot of fun. god, it was fun to beat up on romney. jayar, isn't it amazing that the republicans nominated richie rich as their candidate? they are like the party of the rich. brazenly we'll pick one of the richest guys in the country who has four dressage horses. i didn't even know what a dressage horse was before the election. >> it was more obvious this time of around. >> noreen, you know, it's one thing to be rich like bill gates, warren buffet, but this guy got rich by firing people. >> this whole election i couldn't believe it. it was one thing after another whether it's car elevator, rafalca, and no matter how many times ann romney said they shopped at costco, not buying it. >> cenk: yes, oh please, okay. another favorite moment w
started on today's topics. well, president obama reassured us at the end of last week, don't worry, we're going to do some revisions here at the n.s.a., a little course correction, if you will. one thing we're going to do is an independent board of outsiders who will help us determine if we're doing the right thing with the n.s.a. and protect civil liberties and certainly protect against abuses. we find out today who will be actually picking that board, shepherding it and in the words of the administration, establishing the group. that will be the outsider known as james clapper, the head of the n.s.a. i think they're trying to make us l.o.l. ok? i think this is preposterous. lindsey, do you believe that the head of the n.s.a. might pick an independent board that would then say that he's doing everything wrong? >> i have a hard time believing that, and i mean, i have a hard time toughing this guy at all, since when he was asked directly if the n.s.a. was collecting data on american citizens, he answered unequivocally no only a find out a couple months later that yeah, they're collectin
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9